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Copper Matrix Diamond Sheet

Consists of diamond particles thoroughly mixed in a flexible copper alloy matrix for excellent dissipation of heat.            
This feature permits sheets to cut with both sides and edges! Edges can be used in narrow slots. The uniform thickness and excellent diamond retention characteristics make these sheets well-suited for many cutting and polishing application on steel. Carbide, ceramics and more. Long-lasting.

Diamond sheet can be cut, punched, bent, soldered, brazed and glued. It can be used loose or attached to a handle. And it can be used to make hones and thin cut-off or slotting saws. Cut into a strip and rolled into a tubular shape, it makes an inexpensive and highly effective ring tool or core drill. The resulting thin-walled core drill provide increased cutting efficiency, longer life and minimal material loss. Measures 3” x 2”. Diamond concentration is 50.

Grist Size Microns Order No.
Fine 100/200 107-5895
Medium 30/40 107-5890
Fine 8/12 107-5885
Measures 3” x 2”. Diamond concentration is 50%
Gesswein Diamond Gem Cloth

Gesswein Gem Cloth is ideal for touching up carbide, tool steels, glass and most hard materials (not for use on soft materials). This resin- bonded screen cloth had precisely graded diamonds distributed throughout – on both sides. The screen is woven nylon process. Maximum cutting action is guaranteed from every angle.
Gem Cloth can be used by hand, with lapping sticks and in both reciprocation and rotary power tools. The cloth may be cut to size with scissors and shaped to fit almost any configuration due to its great flexibility. Gem cloth is long-lasting and fast-cutting, and it does not load when cutting or polishing. For most efficient use, Gesswein Stoning Oil is recommended as a lubricant.

Grist Size Order No.
220 107-4950
320 107-5100
400 107-5150
500 107-5200
600 107-5250
Grist Size Order No.
1000 107-5300
1200 107-5350
1500 107-5400
1800 107-5450
2400 107-5500
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