Hard Arkansas Files – Ultra-Fine Grit

Dense, translucent stones in various shades of gray. All have precision edges.

Order No. Description Size
HF-13 Square 1/2x1/4x4"
HF-33 1/2x3/8x4"
HF-43 1/2x1/2x4"
HF-113 1/2x1/4x4"
HF-133 Triangular 1/2x3/8x4"
HF-143 1/2x1/4x4"
HF-813 Round 1/4x3"

Hard Arkansas Stones – Very Fine Grit

Each is glued into a hardwood storage box. Top surface of stone is finished and usable.
Grist Size Size Order No.
HF5375 90x25mm HF5375
HF5376 100x40mm HF5376
HF5377 125x50mm HF5377
HF5378 150x50mm HF5378

Grind stick for polish

Order No. Grit Size
206-9250 80
206-9260 120
206-9270 180
206-9280 320
Grind slice for polish
Diameter X high X hold Grit Size RPM
B. 1x1/16x1/8" 120 36,290
180 36,290
320 36,290
C. 1x1/8x1/8" 80 36,290
120 36,290
180 36,290
320 36,290
Diamond stones
Specification Grist Size
2mmx6mmx100mm #200 #400 #600 #800 #1200 #1800 #3000
Theses stones contain precision-graded diamond particles uniformly distributed in a unique resin bond for great resilience, combining the cutting capabilities of diamond with the flex and breakage resistance of resin. Will not scratch surfaces. Great for fine finishing. Can be used on EDM surfaces as a final Step. For use with clamp tool holders.

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