LT Stone Holder

Item No. #403-1020


Size:3x6mm, 3x13mm
Pencil Stone Holder- For 5/32” Square stones

Item No.#403-0050 $600
Size: 4mm

Double Ender

Item No. #403-0060 $600

LT Recipro Stone Holder- 1/8” Shang

Item No.  #403-1025
SIZE: (1.5x6mm)(3x6mm)
Item NO. #403-1030 $1200
Size: (3x13mm)(6x6mm)

Economy Adjustable Stone Holder – 3mm Shank
Itme NO. #403-1015

Adjustable Stone Holder-3mm Shank

Item No. #403-1000

Size: 1/4"(6mm)


ST-38 Stone Holder-3mm shank
Item no. #403-1010
Gesswein Ceramic Plastic Deflashing Tools

hese tools feature space-age ceramics that debur hard plastics effortlessly while eliminating the fear of cutting your hands or fingers in the process. Idal for curved and complicated shapes. Escellent on ultra-hard resins that defy carbon steel tools. Can also be used on soft metals such as aluminum, coper and brass.

Gesswein All-in –one Swiveling Deburrer – with 5 tips

Suitable: Iron, Copper, Aluminium,
Plastics products


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