•Mini Ceramic Fiber Stones are cut by ceramic fiber stone, thir size from  0.5x0.5mmto 1x2. Ideal for
various mold and dies detail lappin. Traditional oil stone are very easy to break, while mini ceramic
stone provide high strength and high elasticity. Due to its har to bread, they resolve the problem of
using the oil stone.
•Applications: For all type of moulds and dies fine and super fine finishing. Especially for engraving parts,
slight  ribs,R ribs, corners, complicated area and details.
Dimensions (mm) #250 #400 #700 #1200 Holder
0.5x0.5x50 MOS-055 MBS-055 MYS-055 MRS-055 XH-007
0.7x0.7x50 MOS-075 MBS-075 MYS-075 MRS-075 XH-009
0.9x0.9x50 MOS-095 MBS-095 MYS-095 MRS-095 XH-013
1.0x2.0x100 MOS-121 MBS-121 MYS-121 MRS-121 XH-200
Ø0.5x50 MOG-105 MBS-105 MYS-105 MRS-105 XH-009
Ø2.0x100 MOG-201 MBS-201 MYS-201 MRS-201 XH-200

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